Cookies policy

What are cookies?
Cookies (ang. cookies) – small text information sent by a web server and saved on the user’s side (usually on the hard drive). The default parameters of cookies allow the information contained in them to be read only by the server that created them. Cookies are most often used in the case of counters, probes, online stores, websites that require logging in, advertisements and to monitor the activity of visitors.

What cookies do we use?
The website uses two types of „cookies” – „session” and „permanent”.
„Session” files are temporary files that remain on the user’s device until logging out of the website or turning off the web browsing program.
„Permanent” files are stored on the user’s device for the time specified in the parameters of „cookies” or until they are manually deleted by the user.

What do we use cookies for”?
Cookies are an important element of the operation of our website. Cookies help us, among others in identifying the user, collecting statistics or checking the status (the person is logged in or not).
Cookies used by our website do not cause any damage and do not change the user’s device. The cookies do not contain identification data, i.e. names, addresses or payment information.

Cookies from external websites

Our website contains cookies from partner websites that are subject to their own privacy policy.

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